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August 21: Fareed Haque – Chicago: Crossroads of the World

Fareed Haque – Chicago: Crossroads of the World

Few jazz musicians embody the polyglot nature of Chicago’s populace like guitarist Haque, himself the son of parents from Pakistan and Chile. Haque’s multifarious interests have often obscured just how deep and accomplished he is as a hard-charging jazz musician. For this multi-part concert, Haque will lead a straight-ahead combo with pianist Willerm Delisfort, bassist Alex Austin and drummer Greg Fundis. For the second set, the quartet will be joined by Hammond B3 organist Tony Monaco and some of the Indian and Arabic musicians featured on the guitarist’s recent Delmark album, Trance Hypothesis. The Jazz Links Ensemble features Ryan Pieniacha (guitar), Even Montgomery (saxophone), Joel Ross (vibes), Alexis Lombre (piano), Austen Goebel (bass), Everett Reid (drums).

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 6:30pm
This is a Free event.


(312) 427-1676
Millennium Park
Chicago, IL


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