Jazz Institute of Chicago

John Moulder: Soul and Spirit

How does jazz give voice to the human soul and spirit? Guitarist John Moulder explores the connection with a new composition that expresses transcendence and the quest for unity, higher consciousness and peace. 

Moulder, who for more than 15 years has played with onetime Pat Metheny drummer Paul Wertico in the Paul Wertico Trio, will lead an extraordinary sextet including saxophonist Donnie McCaslin, who in addition to playing with such greats as Gary Burton and Dave Douglas is a leading artist in his own right; pianist Bill Carrothers, a reclusive artist who recently has collaborated with Chicagoans including saxophonist Pat Mallinger; versatile young trumpeter Marquis Hill, riding high over the recent release of his third album and his success with Loom, bassist Matt Ulery's acclaimed band; longtime Moulder bassist Eric Hochberg, and soulful drummer Xavier Breaker. And if that weren't enough, the band will be joined on a few numbers by guitarist (and recent "Jersey Boys" cast member) Dave Hiltebrand.
"I'm extremely excited to play with this group," said Moulder. He hopes to reconstitute the group in the weeks ahead for more performances and possibly record an album. For his many fans, that would be manna from Mother Earth as well as heaven.


Friday, November 8, 2013 - 7:00pm
This is a Free event.


(312) 427-1676
Austin Town Hall Park
5610 W. Lake Street
Chicago, IL


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