Jazz Institute of Chicago

Awakening to the Xperience: Tribute to Ken Chaney

Master musician Ken Chaney was JazzCity’s music director. His creative programming chops gave birth to the BeBop Brass band and many other concerts that brought musicians and audiences together in unexpected ways. We will celebrate their spirit and continue their legacies with a new season of spectacular music, beginning with a tribute to Mr. Chaney.
"He was a very sensitive human being, a very humble human being, and highly creative," pianist Ramsey Lewis said. “… all the musicians who live in Chicago held him in high esteem” In recognition of his hallmark bands and years of mentoring and introducing young artists to the public, Awakening to the Xperience: A Tribute to Ken Chaney will celebrate his music with performances by Chicago’s leading jazz artists. Duke Payne leads off with a bagpipe salute, followed by a Bebop set led by pianist Willie Pickens, with Rajiv Halim and Irvin Pierce on saxophone, Marquis Hill on trumpet, Zakiya Powell on trombone, Josh Ramos on bass and Ernie Adams on drums.
Chaney’s much-admired Awakening band will include alums Ari Brown on saxophone, Pharez Whitted on trumpet, Josh Ramos on bass, Ernie Adams on drums and Miguel De la Cerna on piano. Special guest Dee Alexander who worked with Mr. Chaney for a decade at the Jazz Bulls will also pay homage to her longtime music partner.
Ken Chaney’s Xperience, a unique fusion of jazz and funk, was reunited at JazzCity in 2007, and will come together again to honor it’s leader with Robert Irving III on piano, Frank Russell on bass, Charles Heath on drums and original vocalists Ann and Susan Ward, Ben Farnandis and newest member Teniya Farnandis. Rumor has it that after the three sets a jam session may break out, so be prepared!

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 7:00pm
This is a Free event.


(312) 427-1676
Hamilton Park
513 West 72nd Stree
Chicago, IL 60621


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