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Jazz Links CD available now

Jazz Links students release debut CD
This two year labor of love features an ensemble of the next generation of jazz performers whose debut on this CD project is just the beginning. "The Drive" aptly titled after one of the original compositions on the CD, signifies what it takes to be a young jazz performer. 
The selected tunes exemplify the passion of these young musicians for this ageless music. Accompanied by Producer and Mentor for the project, Robert (Baabe) Irving, III; with Ari Brown and Corey Wilkes  on some numbers, the performers not only had an opportunity to "shine" but to do so along-side world renowned jazz artists.
The Jazz Institute is proud of its involvement in this musical and educational endeavor. Chicago is a community where artists play a serious role in bringing up the next generation, and we are pleased to be able to provide important learning experiences for young musicians pursuing their passion for jazz. For this project, the community reached beyond our musicians, to the generosity of the Recording Studios who donated their facilities and staff - Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy and Uptown Recording; and to the Engineering magic of Danny Leake - all without whom this work would not have been complete.
You don't want to miss out on experiencing this truly historical event as we debut - The Jazz Links Student Ensemble and their first CD Release - "The Drive." Copies of the CD are now available on cdbaby.com for $12.99. 
For more information, contact the Jazz Institute's Education Director, Diane Chandler-Marshall at 312-427-1676 x 4.


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