Jazz Institute of Chicago

Jazzography: A Portrait of the Chicago Jazz Festival at 30


The Chicago Jazz Festival, one of the oldest and largest free jazz festivals in the country has been programmed since its inception in 1979 by the Jazz Institute of Chicago, a small non-profit dedicated the preservation and perpetuation of jazz in all its forms. In 2008 we commemorated two important anniversaries; the 40th year of the founding of our organization and the 30th year of the annual jazz festival we helped to found.

To commemorate our 30th annual Chicago Jazz Festival, we have published Jazzography: A Portrait of the Chicago Jazz Festival at 30: a beautiful book of photographs spanning three decades of the festival by five Chicago jazz photographers including Lauren Deutsch, Michael Jackson, Javet Kimble, Marc PoKempner and Scott Pollard, with an introduction by jazz author Howard Mandel.

The book documents major jazz stars such as Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, Mel Torme and many others as well as the world class Chicago musicians who traditionally make up at least half of each festival.  Special commissions by Randy Weston,
Danilo Perez, Edward Wilkerson, George Gruntz and others, and international artists visiting the festival are among the photographs covering three decades.


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