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Jazz In Chicago: T.S. Galloway Interview

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Interview with trombonist/composer/arranger T.S. Galloway, a featured performer in the JazzCity BeBop Brass Performance taking place Fri., Feb 9 at 7:30pm at Austin Town Hall, 5610 W, Lake St., Chicago.

Created for the first JazzCity concert in 1997, this band has a rotating roster of top brass musicians that has yet to repeat itself. Pairing young musicians with veterans, this one will feature trumpeters Maurice Brown (who made his debut in this band at age 17), David Young, Larry Bowen; trombonists Norman Palm, TS Galloway and special guest Ray Anderson. Rounding out the rhythm section are Lorin Cohen on bass, Ernie Adamson drums and band daddyKen Chaney on piano.

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