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Sergio Pires: Umbigo

Sergio Pires: Umbigo

Sergio Pires is the other Brasilian guitarist/vocalist troubadour that now calls Chicago home. This is an adventurous album of original music that incorporates the samba, bossa, baiao, a little reggae and many other MPB ("musica popular brasileira") drum grooves that are becoming more familiar to the jazz and world audiences.

The program is also enhanced by many of Chicago's exceptional musicians including Tom Garling on trombone; drummer Luiz Ewerling; percussionist Geraldo de Oliveira; pianists Fred Simon, Steve Million and Ryan Cohan; Steve Eisen on soprano sax; guitarist Dave Onderdonk; and bassist/producer Bret Simons. Also, Breno Sauer and Paulinho Garcia, originally of the popular "Made in Brasil" fame, guest on accordion and acoustic guitar respectively.

Sergio represents the latest generation of Brasilians who have expanded beyond the bossa nova and have something new to say. There is no time for hesitation here, grab this CD and check out Sergio when he plays a gig!—MV

Available on the Dende label, widely distributed in Chicago stores or contact spires@speedsite.com


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