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Paulinho Garcia and Greg Fishman: Two for Noel

Paulinho Garcia and Greg Fishman: Two for Noel

Following their CD Two for Brazil, Paulinho and Greg tackle the holiday repertoire with great class and style—set against the bossa nova and samba. Paulinho's guitar is the complete rhythm section and he sings our favorite seasonal tunes in English, except for the traditional Brazilian Boas Festas (Happy Holidays) in Portuguese. Greg is the consummate soloist; a perfect fit with Paulinho on both his tenor sax and flute. Together they are one of Chicago's musical treasures.

This is a must add to your holiday collection. The coupling of the Brazilian rhythm feel with such tunes as "The Christmas Song," "Christmas Time is Here" and "Frosty the Snowman" will inspire you to get some more lights on the tree, presents for others and freshen your holiday boat drink. Don't forget Santa goes to Brazil every year too!—MV

Self produced, call 847-604-3716 or gon online at www.paulinhogarcia.com or www.gregfishman.com or www.twoforbrazil.com


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