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Kick The Cat

Kick The Cat

Now that jazz-fusion is well over 30 years old, we should accept it as one of the many styles of jazz and appreciate it for its high level of art. When it emerged years ago, jazz musicians we criticized for selling out for mixing their jazz with rock rhythms. Meanwhile, Herbie, Chick, Mahavishnu developed the music, set the model and built a remarkable audience base. Fusion is popular because the masses can relate to its high energy and, although not dance music, it is grounded in the music of the dancers of the day.

Enter Kick The Cat, a group of young Chicago virtuosos playing their game at a very high level: Chris Clemente, bases; Chris Siebold, guitars; Krls Myers, drums and Vijay Tellis-Nayak, keyboards. These guys didn't sell out to fusion; they were born long after this issue had passed, grew up with it and represent another generation of development. Plus, these guys know and incorporate other styles, which makes this a very musical album. The program here consists of original compositions; all of them are different, very interesting and played flawlessly. I'm particularly fond of Trouble in Paradise, well worth the cost of the CD. This album is strongly recommended, especially to all those that love to hear wonderful new sounds—MV.

Available on the BluJazz Label, 773-477-6872, distributed by Hits Unlimited 773-296-4487, or email: kickthecatmusic@netscape.net


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