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John Temmerman: The Power of Two

John Temmerman: The Power of Two

John Temmerman plays the tenor sax with a big sound, studies with Mark Colby and has a love for jazz that is best expressed by his website domain name. He is one of the newer players on the scene who apparently does something else as a vocation and plays jazz for the experience alone. There is nothing wrong with playing jazz and having a day job, many have done this before, including pianist Denny Zeitlin. In fact, many produce great music because of their day job, they are free to explore and create without the financial anxiety that often accompanies jazz.

Well-known Chicago musicians join Temmerman here: guitarist Neal Alger, electric bassist Steve Hashimoto and drummer for all occasions, Rusty Jones. The program is very original, diverse and modern. The only standards included are All Blues and Nice and Easy. The core of the repertoire is Temmerman's fine compositions that include much of the melodic, harmonic and rhythm advances of the last thirty years. There is a taste of bebop, blues, rock, Latin and straight-ahead jazz. Slam Time evokes Eddie Harris' approach to a rock oriented two-chord vamp. Wayne Henderson's Whispering Pines is a complex modal tune with surprising twists and turns. Come to the Table is based on a hymn and becomes a fine straight-ahead number based on swing.

Temmerman and his quartet play well throughout and no one misses a note. Check out one of the new voices on the Chicago scene.-MV

Available via www.jazzobsession.com or call (847) 322-6768.


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