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Jo Belle: Sessions...with friends

Jo Belle: Sessions...with friends

Before her marriage and move to Las Vegas, Jo Belle was Chicago's loved diva among the jingle, jazz and Andy's crowd. She sounds great in any and every musical situation, has the necessary charm, soul, perfect intonation and can sell the lyrics of the song.

On this recording we find Jo Belle surrounded by fine musicians in Chicago, Las Vegas and NYC singing a program of bossa nova, straight-ahead swing, blues ballads, standards and other fine eclectic material. The opening track, Tom Jobim's Waters of March, is a definitive vocal "take" highlighted with Howard Levy's harmonica, Manny Mendelson's string arrangement, and Alejo Poveda's drums and percussion. Drunk in San Francisco features a Las Vegas B3 rhythm section with the stellar guitar work of Joe Lano. Out of This World is a highly charged blowing tune featuring the Miles influenced Harmon-muted trumpet of Ira Sullivan and Herbie-like piano of Ron Perillo.

Eclectic tunes include a duet with Las Vegas pianist Vincent Falcone on Johnny Mandel's The Shining Sea; and, the jazz waltz Better Than Anything with Perillo and Sullivan. There are gem performances throughout: the rhythm team of Kelly Sill and Joel Spencer; tenor madness with Von Freeman, Eddie Johnson and Ed Peterson; Dave Carey's NYC vibes; and Art Davis' burning yet lyrical trumpet.

When comparing this "self-produced" recording to many of the big label stars with $100K advertising budgets you quickly realize that Jo Belle and friends are nearly better that anything out there. Log on to your computer, send her a congratulatory email and get a copy of this recording. You'll find that this music will inspire you and improve your life.-MV

Available at www.great-music.net/jobelle.htm or email jobelle@worldnet.att.net.


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