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The Jim Gailloreto Quintet: The Insider

The Jim Gailloreto Quintet: The Insider

As the title suggests Gailloreto is well known inside Chicago music circles as a go-to guy when you need a great tenor saxophonist. This recording will undoubtedly expand his reputation well beyond Chicago and is a document of his high level of artistry.

Gailloreto’s sound and content are original, a mix of saxophone innovators that have preceded us all mixed into the musical funnel and poured out into a generous serving of modern jazz. Most appealing is that Gailloreto successfully mixes high content without screaming and grandstanding, his music is both engaging and easy to hear.

This recording also features great arranging. "Four Brothers" is re-harmonized, set to a new bass ostinato and groove while Gailloreto double-times the familiar theme. Similarly Duke’s "Come Sunday" alternates between a waltz and 4/4, with updated highly stylized chord changes. The program also includes three interesting originals, two from Gailloreto and one from pianist Steve Million, and a unique presentation of "Andante" by Beethoven.

The supporting players are all equally original and engaging: guitarist John McLean, pianist Steve Million also shows his Hammond B3 chops, bassist Larry Kohut and drummer Eric Montzka. All combine their musical voices to make this one of the finest recordings.

It is also interesting to note that this flawless recording was co-produced by Gailloreto with fellow tenor saxophonist Jim Massoth, who along with Steve Johnston, who was also the recording engineer.

Gailloreto may be the insider to the musical community but now his music can be enjoyed by all on the outside–check him out!-MV

Available from Wide Sound at http://web.archive.org/web/20030829220502/http://www.widesound.it/

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