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Hinda Hoffman: Moon and Sand

Hinda Hoffman: Moon and Sand

In today's climate of over-praised "Divas" who are long on style and short on substance, Hinda Hoffman is a welcomed fresh breeze. Hoffman's easy phrasing and sincere, unaffected approach sustain your interest over a 65 minute program. Hoffman chooses a program that plays to her strengths (there is no obligatory blues here) and the medley of two Strayhorn songs is a highlight—featuring new lyrics by the late Gene Esposito.

The piano bench is split evenly between Dennis Luxion and Ron Perrillo, and the trio settings are interesting with plenty of room to blow. This local singer will fit seamlessly in your vocal jazz collection.—Peter Coppock, jazz radio host

Available in most Chicago stores or online at www.hindahoffman.com or by writing to 1200 W. Chase, Suite 3A, Chicago, IL 60626. Phone: (773) 508-0912.


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