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Grady Johnson Sextet: Jazz at Bistro 110

Grady Johnson Sextet: Jazz at Bistro 110

This studio recording documents alto saxophonist Grady Johnson's long tenure as the Sunday jazz brunch feature at Bistro 110 and his life-long passion for good music. Joining Grady are some of Chicago's veterans of the Chicago jazz scene including Dickie Harris, George Freeman, Bill Yancey, Roland Faulkner (check his modern banjo solo on R.B.Q) and Big Jim McDonald. Although the repertoire of standards and blues has been heard many times before, the time feel and solos are something to behold. This is a swinging CD that meets the acid test of all music, it makes you feel good! No wonder Grady has had the Bistro 110 gig for so many years.

Available at Bistro 110, 110 E. Pearson, Chicago, IL 60611, (312) 266-3110


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