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Gene Esposito: Play in Tune

Gene Esposito: Play in Tune

Gene will be missed by many fans and players around town for the remainder of our lifetime. He was one of Chicago's legendary players who seemed to be everywhere at once - playing a set, conducting a session or devising ways for jazz to expand and grow through his Jazz Idiom organization. This is Gene's last recording, an all solo piano set completed shortly before his December '99 exit, yet the playing is so strong that one would never sense that he was ill. The program is a set of our favorite standards (check Invitation and Our Waltz) and one lone original, Gino's Blues. This CD is essential to those who follow jazz piano in Chicago and to everyone who enjoys hearing the standards played by truly established talent.

Available through Jazz Idiom Records, 5116 North Major Ave., Chicago, IL 60630-4663. Call (773) 588-4148 or online at www.jazzidiom.com


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