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Fred Simon: Dreamhouse

Fred Simon: Dreamhouse

Fred Simon is one of Chicago’s treasured pianists and a fine composer. He has an original defined approach to the piano, perhaps a cousin or extension of Keith Jarrett, and a nice touch. His compositions seem to have something for everyone and although express a full range of emotion, they are uplifting to the spirit. No matter how you feel, you will feel better after listening to this album.

Fred’s trio is first-rate. Bassist Kelly Sill has played with Fred for years and it shows, he never plays a bad note. Drummer, Sarah Allen complements the trio with solid playing. Also, rather than go for the overproduced, multi-track, digitally edited recording, this trio recorded live at the Union Church in Hinsdale. They just laid it down for all of us to hear and enjoy.—MV

Available on the Naim label, widely distributed in Chicago stores or via their website, www.naim-audio.com


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