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Eddie Fisher: 42nd Street

Eddie Fisher: 42nd Street

Guitarist Eddie Fisher enjoyed great success in Chicago during the WSDM days of the '60s and early '70s. His album The Third Cup was a big hit—I've seen this album garner high collector's prices among vinyl collectors. Among musicians who lived through this era, his composition, "The Third Cup," is nearly a standard.

Fisher is going for more commercial hits and airplay on this recording. He is both a strong player and composer with roots in jazz and the blues. This set is modern commercial instrumental jazz with the guitar in the foreground, surrounded by electric piano, synths, bass and drums. A very solid effort, very pleasing to hear with much more music than the 'smooth artists' try to pass as jazz.

Apart from radio airplay, many of these grooves could easily help sell everything from beer to cars. I hope that Eddie gets there first, before the jingle composers pick his pockets! Get this one and groove out, move over George Benson.—MV

Available on Nentu Records, contact eddiefisherjazz@yahoo.com


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