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Diane Delin: Origins

Diane Delin: Origins

Diane Delin plays the violin, has an original concept and composes fine tunes. Over the years many violinists have imitated the popular instruments and jazz styles of the moment. On this recording, Diane imitates no one and chooses to play her melodies and solos in a very musical and seemingly uncomplicated way. All of the tunes work together, ranging from swing to jazz waltz, modern bossa and more. There is a subtle fire here that grows with repeated listening.

Diane has also surrounded herself with a great rhythm section: Dennis Luxion on piano, Michael Arnopol on bass and Tom Hipskind on drums. They play as one and contribute fine solos that will keep you listening and on the edge of your chair. Check out Dennis Luxion, one of Chicago's great pianists! As a contrast Diane uses a string quartet (violinists Nick Orbovich, Louise Brodie and cellist Sara Wollan) on two tracks that set up a beautiful chamber music mood.

The program is courageous, eight original tunes and a fresh groove on the standard "Swinging On A Star." The recording and production is excellent, another fine job at Steve Yates Studio. Contact Diane and also ask for a copy of her earlier CD release, "Another Morning."—MV

Available on BluJazz Productions, P.O. Box 578720, Chicago, IL 60657-8720 or email blujazz@mcs.net


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