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Bobby Broom: Stand!

Bobby Broom: Stand!

We often tend to forget where jazz standards come from. Popular songs culled from Broadway musicals or Tin Pan Alley were transformed and adapted to the jazz idiom. One might then wonder why more modern popular tunes never received a comparable treatment. Purposefully or not, guitarist Bobby Broom corrects this situation with "Stand!", a collection of hits from the 60's and early 70's which follows in the steps of the recent "Modern Man" where one can find jazz versions of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and Eric Clapton's "Layla."

Bobby Broom's extended solos efficiently demonstrate that these songs have enough substance, melodically and harmonically, to sustain improvisation. Bobby Broom's lines are elegant, tasteful and as breezy as George Benson's, one of his early idols. He performs these songs with a sensitivity that translates his respect for the music. His arrangement of "House of the Rising Sun" provides the most vivid and convincing instance of how these songs could reach the status of standards.

At the difference of the aforementioned "Modern Man", "Stand!" features Bobby Broom with his working trio: bassist Dennis Carroll with his full sound and drummer Dana Hall with his mix of swing and polyrhythms. Obviously, the time they spent in clubs shaping this material has really come to fruition as they expertly follow the leader on this unusual adventure.

If you drop by Pete Miller's in Evanston on Tuesdays or Martyr's on Sundays, you will hear this trio concocting more of this brew.-AD

Available on Premonition Records, www.premonitionandmusic.com


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