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Bob Acri: Timeless, The Music of Bob Acri

Bob Acri: Timeless, The Music of Bob Acri

Bob Acri is one of Chicago's veteran piano players, now in his young eighties, he continues to play in the clubs—for over 50 years! Great musicians never retire.

On this session Bob leaves his cocktail, cabaret and cheerleader piano at the club and treats us with a set of 14 original compositions. He has lived through nearly all of the jazz piano styles and each has left a little souvenir in his playing. You hear the influence of swing, bebop, blues, bossa nova and a very modern approach harmony in his work. Plus, there is a certain drama in each arrangement brings unique life to each tune.

Acri's piano touch is gentle but sure, he does not waste a note and always tells a little story in his solos. On this recording he is joined by Bob Acri Jr. on drums and percussion, Jim Acri on drums, Ted Schmuldt on guitar and bassist Scott Mason. Apart from Acri's piano the other major voice on this CD is Schmuldt's guitar, which makes this quartet an ensemble with his unison and counterpoint lines with the piano.

Bob has befriended thousands with his music over the years, I hope that they all find and enjoy this CD—MV

Available on Southport, www.chicagosound.com also visit www.bobacri.com


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