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Anthony Molinaro and Howard Levy: Live

Anthony Molinaro and Howard Levy: Live

Pianist Molinaro is known for his work as a soloist in the classical arena and has played with orchestras throughout the world. At present he divides his time between Rome and Chicago which led him to play jazz duets with harmonica innovator Howard Levy. This CD is a collection of live recordings from the Green Mill and WFMT in Chicago and other concerts in New York. The individual and collective playing here is at one of the highest human levels possible and suggests an ensemble much larger than a duo.

The repertoire is ranges far and wide, from Miles’ "All Blues" and Bird’s "Donna Lee" to Gershwin’s "Prelude #2" and "Summertime" and Duke’s "Mood Indigo" (check out Howard’ use of the mute that approximates a trombone) and, of course, original compositions. Molinaro’s "19/8" will keep your foot tapping although the casual listener will work hard to find the downbeat–but it does not matter, this is wonderful music. Howard introduces "All Blues" as if he were at a barndance in the 1800’s and his "Amazonas" leads us through a variety of musical moods that could have only been composed in our lifetime.

Molinaro and Levy can be sighted nearly anywhere in the world, visit their schedule at http://web.archive.org/web/20030829220502/http://www.anthonymolinaro.com...

http://web.archive.org/web/20030829220502/http://www.levyland.com/, strap yourself into the chair and prepare yourself for an incredible musical treat.-MV

Available on nineteen-eight Records on-line at http://web.archive.org/web/20030829220502/http://www.nineteeneight.com/