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Anthony Braxton/Scott Rosenberg: Compositions/Improvisations 2000

Anthony Braxton/Scott Rosenberg: Compositions/Improvisations 2000

This is the meeting of a young and very active musician and composer, Scott Rosenberg, with his former teacher and one of the most important jazz musician Chicago has ever produced, Anthony Braxton. Both musicians are featured on several reed instruments, the most unusual being the contrabass clarinet. The music consists of compositions by the two protagonists—Scott Rosenberg composed his pieces with this session in mind—which are mostly peaceful and thoughtful and short improvisations during which they tend to cut it loose. Compared to Scott Rosenberg's playing, Anthony Braxton's is more linear, fluid and rooted in the jazz idiom. As a consequence, the interaction between the two musicians is all the more interesting. They play obviously in opposition—Scott Rosenberg's contrabass clarinet bringing some elements of threat in the opening of "eerhre" —but also share some common ground ("llnlr") and manage to blend their instruments.

Scott Rosenberg's compositions testify of his attempts at walking a fine line between improvisation and notated music. "statk" has a traditional structure in the sense that the piece alternate solos with a recurring head. "llnlr" is probably the most successful because it is completely notated—as witnessed by its logical progression—and also gives the impression to develop organically.

We can only hope that the opportunity to play with a world renowned musician will bring Scott Rosenberg a wider audience.—Alain Drout

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