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Welcome Back Mr. Shepp!

Saxophonist Archie Shepp gained notoriety through his association with the "New Thing" in the 1960s and a string of blustery albums for the Impulse label.

Eric Schneider: Improvising With Benny Goodman

An alumnus of the Count Basie and Earl Hines orchestras saxophonist/clarinetist Eric Schneider was born on the South Side and started the piano at the age of six before switching to his instruments of

A Conversation With James Falzone

JazzGram: Does Chicago fulfill your needs as a composer/musician?

A Conversation with Joe Daley

by Larry Birnbaum (2/22/79)

A Conversation with Roscoe Mitchell

Roscoe Mitchell: an interview with Lazaro Vega

A Conversation with Patricia Barber

Patricia Barber interviewed by Janet Seiz

A Conversation with Brad Shepik

Brad Shepik: interview with Lazaro Vega

Former Beneke sax man Cecil Hill still “swings his thing ”

Former Beneke sax man Cecil Hill still “swings his thing ”
An interview with Bob Knack

A Conversation with Damon Short

Damon Short
interviewed by Lazaro Vega
Blue Lake Public Radio

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