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Welcome to the Jazz Institute of Chicago Journal, an archive of jazz writing. You'll find incredible articles about the history of Jazz in Chicago, as well as interviews with a variety of musicians and jazz related figures and reviews of recordings and live shows.

Markos Tomaras: Too Much Too Late

Markos Tomaras: Too Much Too Late

Markos Tomaras is a bassist and arranger from Greece who now calls Chicago his home. Just when you think that you have heard it all another world influence meets jazz and produces another interesting hybrid.

Bobby Lewis: In the Forefront & Incantation

Bobby Lewis: In the Forefront & Incantation

Chicago has waited far too long for the Forefront on CD! This is a 2 CD collection of two previously issued LP's documents this original Chicago group as it sounded in the '70's.

Neville York: Jazz Flamboyant

Neville York: Jazz Flamboyant

BILL EVANS:How My Heart Sings

By Peter Pettinger
Yale, 346 pages (hardcover), $30
Reviewed by Don Rose

Jazz in Black and White: Race Culture, and Identity in the Jazz Community

Jazz in Black and White:
Race Culture, and Identity
in the Jazz Community
by Charley Gerard
Praeger Publishers, 224 pages, $39.95
Reviewed by Jim Linduff

The Best of Jackson Payne: A Novel

The Best of Jackson Payne: A Novel
by Jack Fuller
Knopf, 321 pp., $25.00
reviewed by Jim Linduff

In The Best of Jackson Payne, Jack Fuller has written a brilliant description of jazz, perhaps the most vivid I have ever read. The novel centers on the chaotic life of Jackson Payne, a Black sax player who struggles with many demons and Charlie Quinlan, a middle-aged, white musicologist and biographer who desperately is trying to understand Payne's life.

Gig Haiku

Gig Haiku
Author(s?) unknown
The following was forwarded to us from Richard Armandi.

Jam session bassist
Observes fourteen soloists
Contemplates murder

Say, do you guys know
"Wedding Song" by Kenny G?
Buy the damn record

Riffing on "Rudolph"
Musicians in red and green
Learn humility

Best man pays sideman
Revealing greed of leader
Rebellion ensues

I'm sending a sub
But don't worry, he'll be fine
He's fresh from rehab

Solo pianist
Freed from all constraints of form
Heedlessly mangles

Jazz nymphs crowd bandstand
Offering carnal delights
My alarm clock rings

You Can't Steal a Gift

You Can't Steal a Gift
By Gene Lees Yale University Press, 2001, 252 pages, $27.95
reviewed by Susan Markle

Brian O’Hern and the Model Citizens Big Band: Let’s Make Gravy

Brian O’Hern and his iconoclastic orchestra return for another set of zany and good-humored music. O’Hern’s goal has never been to create timeless music but to give his listeners a good time.

Kyle Bruckmann: Entymology

Kyle Bruckmann: Entymology

No, you read it right. There is no misspelling because in exploring his instrument's vocabulary, Kyle Bruckmann produces at times sounds that evoke the flight of an insect. Kyle Bruckmann is a young oboe player who just released what is probably the first solo recording on this instrument (two other double reed instruments are featured as well: the English horn and the Chinese suona).


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