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Welcome to the Jazz Institute of Chicago Journal, an archive of jazz writing. You'll find incredible articles about the history of Jazz in Chicago, as well as interviews with a variety of musicians and jazz related figures and reviews of recordings and live shows.

NEA survey finds jazz musicians are well educated, but underpaid and lacking benefits

NEA survey finds jazz musicians are well educated
but underpaid and lacking benefits
[Press release from the National Endowment for the Arts]

Paulinho Garcia and Greg Fishman: Two for Brazil

Paulinho Garcia and Greg Fishman: Two for Brazil

Green Mill Quartet

The Green Mill Quartet has had a revolving membership over the years and can be heard on Saturday early mornings, beginning at midnight, at the Chicago club of the same name.

Ron Surace: Trio City with Tatsu Aoki and Dave Pavkovic

Ron Surace is a fine pianist, now with three releases available on Southport. This recording recalls the era of piano trios on nearly every block in Chicago.

Tim AuBuchon: Bluz fer Mo

Tim AuBuchon: Bluz fer Mo

Tim AuBuchon is new to Chicago, he blew in from Missouri about six years ago to attend Northwestern University, became an educator and represents the new generation of solid players that we should check out. In a world of thousands of tenor players Tim stands out with a mature sound and an exceptional concept for improvising. There is no grandstanding, over-blowing or wasted notes here—only well-chosen notes and solid modern improvising.

Marc Pompe: Nobody Else But Me

Marc Pompe: Nobody Else But Me

Marc Pompe is a musician's musician. He sings wonderfully, has a unique sound and plays solid piano too! And then, just when you think you know what he's about, he will compose a new tune with lyrics or show you something new on a standard.

Triage: Premium Plastics

Triage: Premium Plastics

Not long after taking up the challenge of filling Mars Williams' shoes within the Vandermark 5, young saxophonist Dave Rempis initiated a project, Triage, which is now comprised of bassist Jason Ajemian and drummer Tim Daisy. What distinguishes Triage from a lot of combos that have emerged from the new Chicago improvised music scene is its versatility. Indeed, "Premium Plastics", the trio's second opus, covers a lot of ground. At times moody, abstract or passionate, the music can also settle for a nice groove.

Ryan Cohan: Here and Now

Ryan Cohan's recording debut as a leader is an impressive one on his CD Here and Now. Cohan has been an active participant on the jazz scene since his graduation from DePaul in 1993.

JAZZ: The First Century

JAZZ: The First Century
Edited by John Edward Hasse
Morrow, 246 pages, $40
reviewed by Don Rose

SWING IT! An Annotated History of Jive

An Annotated History of Jive
By Bill Milkowski
Billboard Books, 288 pages (paper), $18.95
reviewed by Don Rose

In those happy swing-filled days when jazz was America's popular music, when there were few lines drawn in the musical sand (other than those designed to keep the longhairs at bay), there was a language and a musical idiom shared by the hep (who would soon become hip).
We speak here of jive talk, the ancillary lingo to swing and jump music; a slang, an argot, a patois. But hey—as they say these days—jive was also a subset of swing music and jazz itself.


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