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Welcome to the Jazz Institute of Chicago Journal, an archive of jazz writing. You'll find incredible articles about the history of Jazz in Chicago, as well as interviews with a variety of musicians and jazz related figures and reviews of recordings and live shows.

Eric Schneider: Improvising With Benny Goodman

An alumnus of the Count Basie and Earl Hines orchestras saxophonist/clarinetist Eric Schneider was born on the South Side and started the piano at the age of six before switching to his instruments of

A Conversation With James Falzone

JazzGram: Does Chicago fulfill your needs as a composer/musician?

Welcome Back Mr. Shepp!

Saxophonist Archie Shepp gained notoriety through his association with the "New Thing" in the 1960s and a string of blustery albums for the Impulse label.

Ornette and Don

by Stu Katz

1984 Chicago Jazz Festival

Taken backstage at the Chicago Jazz Festival in 1984, we find Art Blakey, Johnny Griffin, Mayor Harold Washington, Randy Weston, and Dempsey Travis.

Remembering Max

By Don Rose


That was the first word Charlie Parker ever said to me.


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