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The Kiewit-Wang Mentorship Award

The Kiewit-Wang Mentorship Award is given to high school students at the freshman, sophomore and junior level who show excellence in musicianship as jazz instrumentalists. Candidates recommended by their band directors compete by auditioning. The winners are awarded 15 free music lessons with a Chicago jazz musician of their choice.

2013-2014 Kiewit-Wang Awardees:

  • Isaiah  Collier, tenor saxophone
  • Kurt Shelby, bass

2012-2013 Kiewit-Wang Awardees:

  • Alexis Lanier, piano
  • Arlynn Arzet, piano

2011-2012 Kiewit-Wang Awardees:

  • Manuel Canchola, alto saxophone
  • Michael Lustro, tenor saxophone

Audition Process

**Auditions for the 2013 Kiewit-Wang Mentorship Awards have ended.  The 2014 Auditions will be held in June of next year. **

  • To be considered for the Kiewit-Wang Mentorship Award, students must first submit an application by June 20, 2013 
  • Auditions will be Friday, June 28, 2013 at the Fine Arts Building (410 S Michigan Avenue)
  • There will be an acoustic piano, drum kit, bass amp and music stand will be provided for auditions.  Drummers must bring sticks, guitarists must bring own instruments and guitar amps, and electric bass players will need to bring their own cables to plug into the provided amp.
  • Contestants must be prepared to play Impressions by John Coltrane or Blue Monk by Thelonious Monk (in Bb) in addition to a jazz standard of their choice.
  • All contestants will be backed by a rhythm section provided by JIC.
  • Auditions for each of the three high school levels will last approximately an hour.

Please send/fax completed applications to:

Jazz Institute of Chicago

410 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 500

Chicago, IL 60605;

fax 312 427-1684.


Any questions, requests for additional information or extensions should be directed to:

Diane Chandler-Marshall, Education Director

312-427-1676 x 4.


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