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About The Jazz Links Education Program

The Jazz Institute of Chicago nurtures young artists, bringing them up through Jazz Links and introducing them to audiences at JazzCity and Millennium Park and the Chicago Jazz Festival. We provide a real-life training ground for students to learn skills required to become professional musicians, offer internships at the Jazz Institute and continue to support their careers as they become working musicians and full members of the community. We also provide professional development for music teachers who want to incorporate more jazz into their schools music curriculum.


Jeff Lindberg Interview

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 We spoke with Jeff Lindberg of the Chicago Jazz Orchestra about their upcoming concert on September 2nd with Ahmad Jamal.

Journal - an archive of jazz writing

BRIGHT MOMENTS: The Life and Legacy of Rahsaan Roland Kirk

The Life and Legacy of Rahsaan Roland Kirk
by John Kruth
Welcome Rain, 404 pages, $28.95
Reviewed by Don Rose

There was always the initial suspicion that this stocky black dude, Roland Kirk, honking away on three saxophones at once, his sightless eyes covered by oversized black shades, was some kind of carnival act. But anybody with even one open ear was quickly disabused of the idea. The man made music. Serious, creative, innovative music. The difference was he was a whole saxophone section all by himself.


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