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Heaven Gallery


Heaven Gallery is a non-profit gallery and multi-disciplinary arts

Logan Square Auditorium

Logan Square Auditorium is a fully equipped live music venue with a
full liquor bar.


Uncommon Ground

uncommon ground
eat drink look listen

uncommon ground opens in Chicago's historic Edgewater neighborhood at

Experimental Sound Studio

Mission Statement

Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) is a nonprofit organization founded
in 1986, dedicated to the promotion, production, presentation, and

Pirro's Restaurante

Along with the memories of Italy
and the love of their home country that our family carried with them in

Viaduct Theatre

The Viaduct Theater is a non-profit arts producer established in
1998 with the purpose of promoting, producing, and creating theater,
film, art , dance, and music in Chicago.


Rodan is a restaurant and lounge of simple and modern design.
Warm birch woodwork wraps the interior starting at the bar and continuing

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