Jazz Institute of Chicago


Rodan is a restaurant and lounge of simple and modern design.
Warm birch woodwork wraps the interior starting at the bar and continuing
through large ceiling panels to the deep booths in the rear. The
silver foil ceiling, cobalt blue banquette and cement floor produce
a natural contrast to the wood. Warm and cool hues, soft and hard
surfaces create a sense of balance.

Rodan offers Asian and South American cuisine. Traditional
dishes such as Chimichurri Beef (Argentina) and Adobo Cornish Hen (Philippines)
stand aside less traditional fare like grilled fish tacos and wasabi fries.
Rodan's presentation is simple, its food exotic, delicious, and moderately

Rodan was conceived as a venue for audio and visual artists.
Digital images are projected above the entryway, on the rear lounge wall
and on the floor near the restrooms. The main screen displays video art
and becomes an ambient lighting source. VJs mix images while DJs spin various
genres: afro-beat, bossa nova, drum 'n bass, electronica, indie, hip hop,
chill, soul and funk, old school and otherwise. The bathrooms boast video
mirrors for primping. Events such as obscura,
Jazz Night,
Revolution Wednesday,
and spoken word create a venue of delights and surprises.

The Flying Monster" is a '50s Japanese sci-fi classic that featured
a giant, winged reptile bent on destroying Tokyo. Rodan the restaurant is
a warm and inviting '50s modernist video lounge bent on creating a different

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