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Along with the memories of Italy
and the love of their home country that our family carried with them in
their hearts, they also carried their family recipes and the traditions
of Italian Cooking. As a third-generation Italian, these recipes and
traditions have very much been a part of my life growing up in my
Italian family. My mother taught me Italian cooking, just as her mother
taught her. Through the years, I have taken these much-loved
traditional Italian Recipes and added my own fresh, creative twists to
them. It is this combination of the old and the new that I feel makes
these recipes so unique, and my food so irresistible. Just as my family
back in Italy serves their food with pride, so do I proudly offer my
own unique food to you. Relax and Enjoy!


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Judith HonestyThursday, May 29, 2008 - 8:00pm

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