Jazz Institute of Chicago

Board of Directors

2015 Board of Directors
Rik Geiersbach
The Boeing Company
David Helverson
Wells Fargo
Timuel Black
City Colleges
Roger Pascal
Schiff Hardin LLP
Ruby Rogers
Chicago Police Dept.
Jim DeJong
Arts and Business Consultant
Darryl Wilson
Labor Relations, Exelon
Joe Glossberg
Gofen & Glossberg
Richard Wang
Steven Saltzman
Warren Chapman
Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind
Miguel de la Cerna
Musician, Educator
Dan Epstein
Edgeline Capital Partners
Roxana Espoz
Event Manager
Janice Gonzales
Stanley Hoffman
Financial Services/CPA
Bill King
Jason Koransky
Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP
Terry Martin
University of Chicago
Brian Myerholtz
The Boston Consulting Group
William Norris
Private Bank
Ted Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer Family Foundation
Bethany Pickens
Jazz Educator and Musician
Harry Porterfield
Journalist, CBS-2 TV
Mike Reed
Musician, Owner - Constellation
Kent Richmond
Harold Rogers
City Colleges
Judith E. Stein
Hyde Park Jazz Festival
Conrad Terry
Securities and Exchange Comm.
Neil Tesser
Jazz Journalist
Penny Tyler, Lew Kreinberg
In Memoriam
Ed Crilly, Wilbur Campbell,
Don DeMicheal, Charlie Weeks,
Dr. Susan Markle, Ken Chaney
Advisory Board
Billie Adams 
Michelle Collins 
Orbert Davis 
Maria de los Angeles Torres 
Amina Dickerson 
Steven Dresner 
Jon Faddis 
James Feldstein 
James C. Johnson 
Marilyn Katz 
Barry Mitchell 
Isabel Stewart 


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